Earl Grey Goes South Of The Border

I said there would be more recipes with delicious Earl Grey syrup and of course I have to deliver on that promise. In last week's article I combined Asian liquor with this classic English tea. Today this tea syrup meets a more popular type of alcohol.

I'm still in the middle of moving which means my house is full of boxes. Nevertheless I managed to find my cocktail shaker and some ingredients so I can provide you with a tasty recipe as usual. Taking the pictures was a bit of a challenge though. And getting to the final recipe was full of coincidences.

From Britain To Mexico

When I tried to come up with this week's cocktail I tried to imagine what might go well with Earl Grey. I wanted to make something with an unexpected taste, but sadly with all my bottles stowed away I found it hard to come up with anything.

As I thought about good names for cocktails with certain ingredients and Earl Grey syrup, I came up with the horrible pun that is the name of today's cocktail. I wanted to make it work, but was a bit doubtful if the combination of tequila and Earl Grey is at all possible. After I went ahead and had a taste I immediately knew that I could relax since it tasted great.

![English Breakfast Teaquila](/content/images/2015/10/teaquila.jpg)

English Breakfast Teaquila

Add the tequila, syrup, lemon juice and rye to a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake for 10 seconds. Fine strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass.

A mild and fruity tequila combined with sweet Earl Grey are the dominating flavors in this cocktail. Lemon adds freshness and a bit of acidity, which as many other cocktails have proven, goes great with tequila. Rye whiskey acts like a cocktail bitter and brings this drink together.

It is quite the unusual combination, but the two main ingredients complement each other rather well. The rye made it into the cocktail by pure coincidence. Since I couldn't find any cocktail bitters in the chaos that is my house right now, I looked at a box full of random bottles and thought about a good substitute. As it turns out just a dash of rye works great and gives this cocktail a certain je ne sais quoi without standing out too much.

Pensamientos Finales

Apart from the pun this cocktail is great. I didn't get to use rum or whiskey as a main ingredient again, but I'm very pleased with how everything turned out. The agave flavor brings the right characteristics to accompany the Earl Grey. The result is a drink with a young and vibrant flavor profile; something contemporary and a bit opposite to the usual Old Fashioned style drinks I enjoy.

This concludes my venture into cocktails using Earl Grey syrup... for now. I will certainly come back to this ingredient, after all, it is easy to make and I almost always have some Earl Grey at hand. But for now I will move on to experiment with other syrups. At least right after I prepare something for the next Mixology Monday. Maybe then the boxes will be gone and I can resume business as usual.

Title image via pixabay.

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