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A collection of posts about the blog itself, rather than cocktails. This topic covers news, technical stuff and other miscellaneous articles.

Technical Improvements

Instead of working on recipes or cocktail ingredients, I took the time and made some improvements to my site. It's faster and better than before.

I've had some issues with my blog, which annoyed me for quite some time. This

Blog PSA 8

Just a short information: Today there will be no article due to me attending a wedding. As my Saturday is also full of other stuff, there will be a new post on Sunday. I apologize for any inconveniences.

Blog PSA 6

I try my best to avoid not having a new post every week for my dear readers, but sometimes real life is just too busy. Sadly this week I won't make it as I had to work late all week

Blog PSA 5

I just wanted to announce, that this week there will be no new article. I'm busy over Easter and had to work a lot until today. Which is why I'm looking forward to some time off.

Meanwhile, why not check

Blog PSA 4

Just a quick announcement that my post this week won't make it in time for Friday. I had to work quite a lot this week and on top of that my parents are visiting. Which means I'm missing my deadline.