Blog PSA 7

It has been two weeks without an update and I wanted to give all my readers a short announcement why. As I mentioned I intended to continue with my mead experiment. I ordered everything and wanted to make this and last week's post about mead. And while I have all the necessary ingredients, the most vital thing still hasn't arrived: my fermentation jar.

So while I was still kind of optimistic that it would arrive yesterday and I could give you an update today, I got disappointed again. Which means there will be no new content this week. I will prepare some new topics for the next weeks and hope that someday my ordered jars will arrive. I'm sorry I couldn't deliver a new update, but that's what you get for trusting some random shop on the internet to get things delivered within a week.

Pete Barmeister

Pete is a German hobby mixologist always trying to find new ways to mess around with alcohol. When not researching articles he's always on the lookout for new things to drink.