Back From The Dead

Good news everyone, after a long break, I finally decided to arise from my slumber and go back to writing about cocktails and cocktail accessories. I had lots of stuff to do in the past months, which meant that my motivation to update this site has been a bit low. Now, it's time to get back into the rhythm of one post a week. I'm eager to do so and even got myself a new lens for my camera. Hopefully this means better pictures.

Speaking of taking photos, I'm still not sure what the best environment for taking pictures of cocktails is. There is always the option to DIY a light box. Or I could just try to create some better backgrounds and nicer surfaces. As I'm a bit strapped for cash, I'll have to see what I can do about the situation.

While I'm motivated to pick up writing and cocktail making again, I have to postpone actually writing about cocktails to next week. My weekend will be busy, but after that it's back to the old schedule. After all there are some topics I have to finish. I still owe everyone the results of my mead experiment. Spoiler Warning: crazy delicious.

To stay updated you can follow me on Twitter or subscribe. There will be new cocktails and of course I'll participate in Mixology Monday again.

Title image frankenstein'd from two pixabay images.

Pete Barmeister

Pete is a German hobby mixologist always trying to find new ways to mess around with alcohol. When not researching articles he's always on the lookout for new things to drink.